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With a simple phone call, we are able to serve you and be near you, to come quickly and economically our taxi to your door.

By placing security, comfort and pleasant route each passenger separately.

We serve people who require security in transport, comfort, confidentiality and reasonable prices.

Enjoy also taxi services for tour excursions and tourist excursions to the most popular destinations or in places that you have chosen. We work with companies, hotels and travel agencies.

Our goal is to improve our services in order to be ahead of the competition with the best result for our clients.

passenger transport, transfer, Excursions, cooperation with tourist agencies. Transfers from ports, airports and from all over Greece to Thassos and vice versa.

Fast and reliable service with car MERCEDES-BENZ E class AMG with fuel equipment and internet wi-fi.



Transfers from ports, airports and from all over Greece to Thassos and vice versa.
Taxi and tour services in the city and in the villages of Thassos.
Tour of Thassos and tour all the beaches.
Shuttle Kavala airports, Thessaloniki and any other airport in Greece.
Transportation to and from the port of Thassos.
Transfer all kinds unaccompanied materials.
transportation of children.
transfer kidney disease.
Luggage transfer from the airport or ferry.
Trips and tours around the island of Thassos.
Weddings, events and other cases Service Companies – Travel Agencies - Conferences, hotels.
Departures from airports - Port Special routes.
Taxi reservations by e-mail or phone call to wait for you at the airport or port on your arrival.

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